For your own pleasure, we're happy to offer a wide variety of Swiss inspired appetizers.


Comforting Soup from the Stock Pot
With market fresh vegetables and homemade broth

Stuffed with traditional slow air-dried beef from the Grison 
and topped with Swiss imported cheeses 

Mixed Greens Salad with Exquisite Vinaigrette
Totally homemade dressing

La Grolla's Papet Vaudois
Slow cooked leek and potatoes, topped with cabbage sausage  

Tartiflettes La Grolla
Sliced potatoes with bacon and Swiss cheese 

Wild Game Pâté of the day

Rösti potatoe with cheese
Served with mushroom sauce 

Cooked with fresh garlic and topped with melted Swiss imported gruyere cheese

Smale Valaisan Plate
Swiss delicatessen 

Suisse & Gaspésie
Mr Émile smoked salmon and traditional slow air-dried beef from the Grison

Smoked salmon from Gaspésie 
Mr Émile smoked salmon 

Swiss onion soup



Swiss Imported Cheese Fondue 

For hundreds of years, cheese has been a meal of its own in Switzerland. La Grolla’s cheese fondues come in many delicious flavours:


•  La Grolla’s Pure and Simple

•  Touch of the Tessin

•  The Minister’s Swiss Fondue 

•  The Jurassian Swiss Fondue 

•  Devil’s Swiss Fondue

•  Pied de mouton

•  Valaisan

•  Chef’s

•  The Cheeses Fondue for two…Swiss Fondue with beer

•  The Exception, La Charlevoisienne 

Bourguignon Fondue 

The bourguignon fondue is served with filet mignon, a variety of homemade sauces 
and a mixed greens salad with our exquisite and totally homemade vinaigrette.



•  Bourguignon

•  Surf, Fish and Turf Bourguignon 

•  Surf, Fish and Turf

•  Bourguignon with Porc

•  Bourguignon with Porc and Prawns 

Traditional & Bacchus Fondue

La Grolla’s traditional broth has been pleasing our customers (and us!) for many decades. Made from the same high quality beef that we serve, it is enhanced with market fresh vegetables. In the Bacchus style, red wine and wild mushrooms are added to our signature traditional tasty broth. The fondues are served with a variety of homemade sauces as well as a mixed greens salad with our exquisite and totally homemade vinaigrette. Many combinations as described below.


•  Traditional

•  Traditional Plus

•  Fillet Mignon Traditional 

•  Porc Fillet

•  Seafood and Fish Traditional 

•  Surf, Fish and Turf Traditional 



Trio of Fondues Table d’Hôte

•  Swiss Imported Cheese Fondue

•  Traditional Fondue / Tradionnal Fondue with porc fillet / Bourguignon Fondue / Seafood and Fish Fondue

•  Chocolate or Maple Fondue


Three services for two with a beer and cheese’s fondue

•  Wild game Paté

•  Cheeses Fondue with organic beer from La Barberie

•  Chef’s pastry


Restaurant La Grolla



Authentic swiss raclette.

Swiss imported Raclette cheese - Grilled in a traditional Swiss oven. Eating this cheese is both special and fun!

Served with baked potatoes, gherkins and marinated onions. 

•  The Authentic

•  Touch of the Grison

•  Valaisan 

Alpine slate skillets

Choice of high quality Alberta beef and seafood,brought to you on a personal alpine slate skillet. We blaze it at your table! It cooks before your eyes on this neat hot slate.This meal is served with La Grolla’s rösti potatoes and vegetables.


•  6 oz Filet Mignon

•  Salmon, Scallops (3) and Prawns (4)

•  Filet Mignon, Prawns (4) and Scallops (3)

•  Filet Mignon and Prawns (4)

Comforting Soup from the Stock Pot


Wild Game Pâté


Green Salad


Smoke Salmon de Monsieur Émile


Home made tartiflette


Gratined onion soup


Traditional Fondue
Thin slices of beef with La Grolla broth

With Gruyère Cube

Sea food and Fish Fondue
Our traditional broth with Scallops,prawns and salmon

Cheese Fondue Charlevoisienne
Our cheese mix from Charlevoix

Swiss Cheese Fondue with wild mushrooms mix

Veal blanquette from Zurich


Délice du pâtissier

Evening Table d'hôte



•  Riesling, Alsace Willm, 12%

•  Côte-du-Rhône Village, Georges Duboeuf, 12%

•  Bourgogne Aligoté, Les Chapitres de Jaffelin, 12%

•  La Cascogne, Gros-Manseng et Sauvignon Alain Brumont, 11%

•  Two Oceans, Sauvignon Blanc, 11,5%

•  Chardonnay, Lulu B., 13%


White, half bottle

•  Riesling, Alsace Willm, 12%

•  Bourgogne Aligoté, Roger de Jouennes, 11,9%



•  Château Sainte-Roseline, 12,5%

•  Château de Nages, Costière de Nîmes, 13,5%

•  Voga Rosa Delle Venezie, I.G.T. 12%



•  Two Oceans, Cabernet-Merlot, 13%

•  Domaine du Grollet, Cabernet Sauvignon et Merlot, 12%

•  Château Montaiguillon, Montagne St-Émilion, 13%

•  Côte-du-Rhône Villages, Louis Bernard 13%

•  Brouilly, Georges Duboeuf, 12,7%

•  Château Bouscasé, Madiran, Alain Brumont, 14%

•  Domaine de Petit Roubie, Syrah biologique, Vin des Pays de l'Hérault, 12,5%

•  Cabernet Merlot, Mission Hill, Okanagan Valley, 13,5%

•  Woodbridge California, Zinfandel, 13,5%

•  J. Lohr, Cabernet Sauvignon, 12,5%

•  Barbera d'Asti, Michele Chiarlo, 13%

•  Chianti Classico, Villa Caffagio, docg, 13,5%

•  Domaine Campradel, Merlot, Louis Bernard

•  Jean-Pierre Moeix, Pomerol, 12%

•  Torus Madiran, Alain Brumont, 13,5%


Red, half bottle

•  Maître d'Estournel, 375ml, 12,5%

•  Brouilly 500ml, 12,7%

•  Wolf Blass Yellow Label, 375ml, 13,5%

•  Chateau Bouscassé, Madiran, Alain Brumont 14%

•  Chateau Montaiguillon, Montagne St-Émillon, 13%